Image ALLIANCE QUEBEC 2: Fighting for Tolerance and Language Parity in Quebec


November 12th, 2012: (Montreal, Canada)

We are both excited and simultaneously saddened to announce that Alliance Quebec2 is back on the Quebec language rights scene, only this time, with an entirely new Board of Directors, operational agenda and approach. Don’t expect to see us “fighting for English language rights” in this province – we’ve determined this to be a “lost cause”, as evidenced by the fate of our predecessor group and the current political climate.

Alliance Quebec2’s focus, by contrast, is international in scope and design. Who are we? “We are a private international consortium of business interests with no central head-office. Our Board now meets bi-annually, in the Caribbean, to review policy implementation schedules and six-month communication strategy initiatives. We currently have zero investment affiliation in the Quebec marketplace but remain hopeful and open to the prospect of doing business there once certain preconditions, specifically, on the linguistic front, are met.”

Alliance Quebec2has an entirely NEW and EXCITING mandate and will be executing said mandate from afar and in a way that Quebecers have never seen before, ultimately, in a way that many will not like. Our formula, involves EXTERNAL PRESSURES in the form of organized boycotts and social media campaigns designed to make American/International investors/businesses/tourists think twice about putting any money into the province until such time as linguistic and cultural parity has been achieved and legislatively implemented.

In simpler terms, Alliance Quebec2is going to be going after companies doing business with ALL the major Quebec-based players; no one is off our radar: International concerts, festivals, sports meets… We will be going after sponsors of said events as well as the event headliners themselves; nothing is sacred as long as SOME Quebecers are being asked to compromise on their fundamental rights and freedoms of linguistic expression.

Alliance Quebec2 will settle for nothing less than the abolition of Bill-101 (and all of its offshoot legislation) as well as a guarantee that full adherence and respect be paid to the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms in the province of Quebec. Anything less than this outcome, notwithstanding, will continue to elicit international financial pressures that will in the end, cost Quebecer’s jobs/contracts and the province, much needed external revenue. In fact, we are aiming for nothing less than a 2% strike to the province’s GDP in our first year of operations. Isolation and fiscal strong-arming will, in the end, force Quebec politicians into a legislative modality of civility and fairness, we are more than convinced.

We are not YOUR PARENTS’ ALLIANCE!  We ARE… ALLIANCE QUEBEC2 and we’re going to fight SMART for universal rights/parity in the province of Quebec. Join us! Everyone is bienvenue!